Technology Defined

IT Support
IT Support

Relieve your staff of technology headaches with Computer Services from TEC Works.

Data Backup
Data Backup

Protect all you've worked for, with Data Protection that ensures your company can weather any storm.

VoIP Phone Systems
VoIP Phone Systems

Cut your monthly Business Phone costs in half by upgrading to a reliable internet phone solution.

Network Security
Network Security

Protect your network from attacks internally and externally with our Managed IT Security.


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You did not go into business to wrestle with your technology every day. You went into business to serve your customers and support your family. You cannot spend your time fretting about the status of your VoIP phone system or the security of your proprietary data – you need to focus on the job at hand.

You have worked hard to be successful, and to maintain your position at the front of the pack, you need competent IT support to keep your business running at full speed.

You need problems solved, or better yet, prevented before they happen.

You need a partner invested in your success and familiar with your operation.

You need TEC Works, an ally for those seeking to enhance their use of technology and boost profitability.

TEC Works has been providing businesses with the very best IT support possible since 2008, and since then, we have grown into industry leaders.

We have accomplished this by being prompt, predictable and personable.

You do not have time to battle your network; the clock is ticking and your competitors are closing deals. You need the problem fixed immediately, and you simply cannot wait around for a returned phone call or email. That is why we answer our phones ready to solve your problems.

We answer 100 percent of calls during our business hours of 8am to 5pm. Ninety-eight percent of the time, you will be talking with a technician within 30 seconds – not a salesperson or account representative, but an IT professional, ready to get you back in business.

As you begin taking advantage of our services, you will quickly learn that we provide the very best support possible – and this will continue to be the case every time you reach out to us. Because you do not want to hassle with piecemeal rate structures and complicated contracts, we offer an all-inclusive, flat-rate pricing structure. This allows you to know what your IT support will cost this month, next month and the month after that.

You never become a number with TEC Works; you become a familiar voice with individual preferences, needs and capabilities. Our technicians speak in plain English, and avoid overwhelming you with jargon and technical terminology.

If you are ready to concentrate on your business and hand over your IT problems to a trusted partner, contact us today and request a quote.

As your trusted technology partner, you will:

Experience greater productivity - increased uptime means more time to work

Experience greater productivity

Concentrate on your business goals - we have your technology under control

Concentrate on your business goals

Get maximum return on your IT investment - technology that fits your business perfectly

Get maximum return on your IT investment

Protect your data - ensuring your data is secure and your network is protected

Protect your data

Experience peace of mind - knowing we have your back

Experience peace of mind